Our Mission: To make the world a better place through sustainability.

One of the most exciting aspects of the sustainability movement is how much it has grown over the last few years. Legislators are passing new regulations to protect the environment, businesses are shifting to using sustainable materials and packaging, and consumers are more conscientious and intentional with their shopping. However, despite these amazing strides, it can be difficult to pinpoint one specific heart of the movement. The reason for this is that, unlike other initiatives, the shift towards sustainability has gained traction as a series of smaller efforts spread throughout various aspects of society.

This allows for more people and organizations to feel personally invested in making the world a better, greener place. At the same time, the present arrangement of decentralization has presented somewhat of an obstacle.

The biggest advantage of a collaborative effort is in the sharing of resources and ideas. When a movement is entirely decentralized, that loss of connection limits what can be shared and learned through sharing. It’s this need for connection that drove us to create The Boon Room. Our goal isn’t to intervene or dictate how to proceed with sustainability but rather to create a common ground for all those interested in the movement to come together. Whether you’re the owner of a large company, a manager in charge of manufacturing, or an entrepreneur at the very start of your journey, this is a space for you to talk and learn about how businesses can invest in sustainability.

Our Priorities

While we welcome a plethora of ideas, projects, and information, The Boon Room remains primarily focused on three distinct areas. The first is the big picture concept of sustainability. Beyond that, we also prioritize content revolving around the innovations in hemp and hemp-derived products, as well as specific green initiatives that help protect the environment. Information pertaining to these three areas can help businesses make major improvements to their practices, helping them better appeal to environmentally savvy consumers while investing in efforts that help to preserve their own longevity.

But, let’s delve deeper…


Long-Term Benefits of Growing Hemp for Commercial ApplicationsAt its core, sustainability is a term used to describe efforts to conduct business in a way that can be maintained in the long term. This encompasses decreasing our dependence on finite, non-renewable resources and minimizing any negative effects to anything necessary for the survival of the planet. The more harmoniously humans and nature can co-exist, the more stable and sustainable our futures will be.

At The Boon Room, we believe in facilitating discussions about what sustainability means and how to practice sustainability as a business, from integrating overarching ideas into the way you conduct business transactions to small, easily-to-implement changes, such as opting to reduce power consumption or switching to reusable items.

Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products

Hemp Food Storage and Consumption ProductsHemp is a variety of cannabis known for its fast growth and suitability as a usable fibrous material. The potential for such material has been acknowledged for many years, but recently we have witnessed a sudden transformation in its accessibility and acceptance in the eyes of the law. This opens up exciting new possibilities for businesses that were previously unable to reap the benefits of hemp and hemp-derived products, especially when considering their various uses. But not all of those involved in business are familiar with those benefits.

The Boon Room is happy to provide a space to house that information, serving as a resource for those who have yet to explore all the advantages of working with hemp. For instance, one of the most relevant applications of hemp to the market as a whole is in the form of packaging, as a replacement for traditional plastics.

Green Initiatives

Solar EnergyFinally, we are also committed to sharing content surrounding green initiatives, focusing on specific strategies designed to protect the environment. This includes changes made on a legislative level, as the law continues to evolve to keep up sustainability efforts. Being aware of these changes can help businesses better develop and implement their own initiatives without having to worry about legal complications or challenges. At The Boon Room, we want to provide our readers with all the resources and information they need to make those decisions and bring real change to the world.

Our Story

I believe in order for us to attract what we want into our lives, we have to find a way to vibrate with it. Meaning, you have to omit the same frequency. Tune into the same “station”, so to speak.

It’s kind of like when you’re looking for a good song on the radio and you finally turn into a station playing your song. You know that feeling you get? That’s the feeling you want to get when you are trying to attract something into your life. That’s how you know you’re aligned with something. That’s how you know you’re moving towards what you want.

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Our Goal

We are more than just a website: we are a showcase of ideas, projects, and information, which we deliver with integrity and transparency. Everything we share has been carefully vetted to ensure we are providing high-quality resources to answer your every question and empower you to invest in a more sustainable future. Whether you’re involved in the chain of production for a product and are seeking to make changes to your business, or a consumer looking to become more educated on ways to integrate sustainability into your everyday life, The Boon Room has something for you.

Join us on our journey to build a better, greener world!

A Mission Founded In Sustainability

The Boon Room is a project sponsored by the Eminent Creative Impact Team.

The Boon Room focuses on educating the public on sustainability through hemp and advocating for it’s continued uses.We also focus on providing brands with a variety of tools needed to be a sustainable business today.

These tools include exclusive content, inspiration and connecting the incredible hemp community. When a brand invests in sustainability, they have the power to help their family, their friends, their clients, their business and the planet.