Why We Love Hempz Products

Here at The Boon Room, it’s no secret how much we love the hemp plant. We often discuss its health benefits, such as its anti-inflammatory properties and nutritional advantages, but one of the things that’s most exciting about this wonderful plant is its variety of uses. One of the best-known is its use in the beauty and self-care industry as a premium ingredient in everything from body care to makeup and more.

Of course, when it comes to body care products, it’s best to be selective, even when you’re working with hemp. I’ve personally found that products made with hemp seed oil work the best.

The best among them? Hempz products. I use Hempz shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion (links to Amazon in a new tab) every time I shower and sometimes in between when I want to feel refreshed.

So why is Hempz so good?

Hempz has been credited with paving the way for beauty and skin products formulated with hemp seed oil, something not thought of as recently as 20 years ago. Hempz also stands out for its sustainability efforts, something we take seriously every day. Best of all, Hempz products just plain work.

About Hempz

Founded in 1998, Hempz became one of the first companies to incorporate hemp seed oil into lotions, balms, and other beauty products. Since then, the bright minds at Hempz have continued their research regarding what hemp seed oil can do and how it interacts with our skin.

It’s important to know that hemp seeds can reduce deforestation and carbon emission impacts, lower pesticide pollution, and more. Aside from research, Hempz also prioritizes using other natural, plant-based ingredients.

It’s safe to say that, aside from the sheer luxury and effectiveness of the products, we love Hempz because they share several goals with The Boon Room. Their cruelty-free, US-made products are well worth a try if you’re in the market for personal care products.

Hempz Products To Consider

Hempz offers a wide range of skin products, all of which contain hemp seed oil prized for its ability to hydrate the skin. Below are the various types of products they offer, as well as my personal feedback and my insights about why you might want to try each.

Body Lotions by Hemp

Lotions are arguably the most popular product created by Hempz, and for good reason: their body lotions come in a variety of pleasing scents, leaving you feeling moisturized, smelling awesome, and even feeling festive (check out their seasonal lotions!) while your skin feels nourished. You’ll find scents like Sweet Pineapple, Honey Melon, Fresh Coconut, Grapefruit, Raspberry, Lavender, and more. Because each scent uses specific moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, everyone can find one that fits their needs and preferences.

But, the main reason I love them can be summed up simply by what is special about hemp lotion – all lotions by Hempz are crafted from pure hemp seed oil, which can provide multiple benefits like helping you address flaky or dry skin or even working as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

In case you were wondering, these lotions, as well as all Hempz products, don’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and can’t get you high.

So, is Hempz good for the skin?

Don’t just take my word for it: here are a few more reviews of Hempz lotions that highlight why I’d recommend them.

I’ve been using Hempz lotion for about 25-ish years… a long time! It’s tried and true: so many brands change formulas or manufacturers, but this product has not changed, thank goodness! It’s silky, moisturizing, smells amazing, and, most importantly, it’s not greasy. Absolutely love it and use it day and night!
Rara, 5-Star Review

This lotion has a mild but soothing scent, and the lotion is soothing to dry skin; it lasts and is one of the best on the market.
Lucy DeCaro, 5-Star Review

Purchased this as a gift for my wife, and she loves it. It seems to keep her skin soft and smooth, especially during the colder months. I like the pleasant aroma!
David Galbo, 5-Star Review

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Does Hempz Lotion Help With Inflammation?

One key question many people have about hemp and hemp lotion is whether it can help with inflammation. If you’re struggling with skin inflammation, Hempz lotion may help keep it under control. Hemp seed oil contains anti-inflammatory properties thanks to phytol, a component found in hemp seed oil that was found to improve inflammation.

Unfortunately, this lotion is intended for topical use and doesn’t include the chemistry or technology necessary to allow the ingredients to penetrate the skin and into the tissue below. For that reason, it isn’t likely to help with joint inflammation – you’ll need specially crafted CBD or THC cannabis topicals with what’s called encapsulation technology for that. Still, Hempz could help calm down inflamed skin and will definitely leave you feeling smooth and sweet-scented.

Beauty Actives Skincare

Made with 100% hemp seed oil, Beauty Actives Skincare by Hempz helps my facial skin feel moisturized without feeling greasy or heavy. There are multiple scents to choose from, including Citrus Blossom, Ocean Breeze, Cucumber and Aloe, and Lavender and Chamomile. I also love how these moisturizers are cruelty-free, so I don’t have to feel guilty about my skincare.

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Luxe Sugar Scrubs

If you need a little extra help removing dead skin cells or even oil and grime, Hempz has created sugar scrubs to add some relaxing friction. Like other Hempz products, you can find these scrubs in several different scents such as Honey Lemon, Fresh Citrus, Vanilla, or even fragrance-free.

Luxe Sugar Scrubs are multi-purpose, as they can be used to remove surface oils and slough away dead skin cells in the shower or to scrub away excess grime and keep your hands clean and free. I also love how sugar scrubs use the gentle power of sugar to remove debris from your skin without being too harsh – and there are no dangerous microplastics to wind up in your body or in our oceans.

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Here’s what other real users had to say:

This hand scrub works and smells great. I was concerned about not liking the smell, but it is really nice, and my hands feel so soft after using it.
Julie Benedetto, 5-Star Review

I use this scrub for my shower routine when I shave, and it leaves my skin super soft and hydrating. I use the shower gel before and the lotion after.
Janelle, 5-Star Review

Hempz Shampoo and Conditioner

Hempz shampoos and conditioners are the only ones I use here in Arizona, mostly because they can be used with hard water without making my hair feel greasy or heavy. The shampoo lathers up nicely and rinses clean, while the conditioner leaves my hair feeling nourished, sleek, and smooth. Hempz Shampoos and Conditioners were designed to address specific hair concerns, so you can choose between products like Sweet Pineapple and Honey Melon with biotin and vitamin C for thin or fine hair, Floral Banana with biotin and aloe for all hair types, Fresh Citrus with biotin and shea butter for dry or damaged hair, Tea Tree and Chamomile for scalp care, and even color-preserving or CBD-loaded shampoos. No matter what you need, I think you’ll find that Hempz shampoo and conditioner can keep your hair intact, colorful, and nourished.

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Here’s what some Amazon reviewers had to say:

I love that they come in large pump bottles, the shampoo smells of fresh grapefruit and orange. It makes your hair silky smooth.
Chris H., 5-Star Review

It’s not my regular shampoo, but so far, it’s good for my thin hair!
Tine Vera, 5-Star Review

I was using other products for my hair, and my hair was breaking and falling out a lot. It was also hard to brush. Since I’ve been using this combo, my hair is shorter and isn’t breaking off. I also love the tea tree scent and tingling on the scalp.
Amy, 5-Star Review

Hempz Body Wash

To go along with your shampoo and conditioner, I would definitely recommend Hempz body wash, as well. Even for my sensitive skin, I’ve found that Hempz is gentle and safe. They love using natural ingredients like vitamins A and E in their washes, which can help keep your skin soft, clean, and smelling nice without harsh chemicals.

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Amazon reviewers agree:

This body wash smells so good and lathers very well. I can’t wait to buy another scent. I would recommend it to anyone.
Ret, 5-Star Review

I was worried this would smell fake and plastic-scented as I’d never heard of this brand before. The scent is amazing, it smells like I am walking through a pineapple grove. It definitely wakes up the senses and makes showers more enjoyable due to the fruity aroma.
Silina, 5-Star Review

This seems to be a new formulation, and I love it. The previous version was in a tube and was so thick and almost a neon orange. It was hard to use. But this is a massive improvement. I love the scent, which was why I bought it. This is a more clear color, flows and lathers way more easily. I really love it… it cleans, doesn’t irritate me, and the smell is divine.
Laura G., 5-Star Review

Hempz Petz

Let’s face it: it can be tough to keep pets clean and smelling great. That’s where Hempz Petz comes in! Their line of dog shampoos features unique scents like Strawberry Limeade and Hibiscus and Creamy Citrus Orange and Red Raspberry, each available in a deodorizing shampoo and deodorizing mist. Some are also available in Paw Balm, Puppy Shampoo, and DeShedding Shampoo.

I don’t think you can go wrong using products from a company that’s green-friendly, sustainable, vegan, and inclusive. Your pets are your companions, and they deserve the Hempz treatment, too!

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The Boon Room Recommends Hempz

It goes without saying that I’ve tried many beauty products throughout my life, some of which were irritating to my skin and many of which didn’t work. However, I’ve fallen in love with the Hempz brand and most of its products, and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for more moisture, amazing scents, and premium hair care.

We love Hempz Products

For more information about hemp and what it can do for you, be sure to follow the Boon Room blog.

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