The Benefits of Wearing Hemp Shoes

Hemp shoes are finding their way to markets all over the world as a sustainable footwear option. Have you ever considered where all your old shoes go once you have finished wearing them? Unfortunately, most shoes will end up in a landfill, where they can take up to 40 years to decompose. What’s worse is the sheer volume of slow-to-decompose shoe refuse we contribute to landfills on a yearly basis – over 300 million pairs get thrown away by Americans every year. That means almost every American throws out approximately one pair of shoes per year. As the population continues to rise, this number is sure to go up – but it doesn’t have to.

Companies are finding ways to reduce their carbon footprints by using sustainable materials that take less time to decompose and have all the benefits of traditional materials like polyester or leather. Hemp is one of the chief sustainable materials utilized for modern, fashionable footwear. With many options for men, women, and children, wearers of hemp shoes are finding that along with being a safe option for the environment, they are also comfortable and durable shoes for everyday wear.

What Is Hemp?

You’ve likely heard the word hemp in association with marijuana. Hemp and marijuana originate from the same species of plant. Yet, despite the remaining connotations surrounding marijuana due to its effects, the Cannabis sativa L. plant is a wonderful plant whose fibers can be used to create sustainable products such as clothes and shoes.

Hemp shoes are made from hemp fibers, which come from the stalks of the hemp plant. This naturally durable fiber has been used to produce items like textiles, rope, paper, and even plastics. Industrial hemp is completely legal to grow in the US, and hemp plants are more in demand than ever due to their sustainable nature and numerous benefits.

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How Hemp Differs from Marijuana

As mentioned, both hemp and marijuana come from the same species of cannabis plant. The difference between the two comes down to how much tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the plant contains. As you may know, THC is a chemical compound that produces psychoactive effects when it is ingested, smoked, or vaped.

THC is the compound that inspired a ban on the growth of cannabis plants for many years, and both hemp and marijuana varieties of cannabis sativa L. do have THC. Marijuana is typically cultivated to contain elevated amounts of THC to produce the therapeutic and psychoactive effects it is so popular for causing. Hemp, however, cannot contain more than 0.3% THC by dry weight and does not have the capacity to produce psychoactive effects.

Since the ban on the growth of cannabis plants has been lifted, more and more modern farmers are discovering the benefits of hemp. The plant grows quickly and requires very little water to thrive, making it a sustainable material for textiles. As demand for clothing and shoes continues to rise, the use of hemp could help steer our planet in a more environmentally friendly direction.

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Are Hemp Shoes Sustainable?

As climate change continues to have an impact on everyday life, companies are working tirelessly to find solutions to make their businesses more sustainable. More and more people are beginning to seek more environmentally friendly options to lead more sustainable lifestyles. As a result, the market for sustainable products is on the rise.

Still, consumers want to be certain their selections are truly solving the sustainability problem.

Fortunately, hemp shoes are a great choice for environmentally conscious individuals for the following reasons:

  • Hemp Is Easy to Grow – Hemp cultivated to produce shoe textiles requires very little water to thrive; therefore, the production of hemp shoes is not further depleting our fresh water supply.
  • Hemp Creates Zero Pollutants – Growing a hemp plant does not require the use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers because the plant is self-resistant to insects. Therefore, no pollution is created when growing hemp crops.
  • Hemp Nourishes the Soil – Hemp naturally forms strong roots that hold the soil together, diminishing erosion. It also helps increase the microbial content of the soil so that even after harvesting the plant, the soil will continue to be fed nourishment through these nutrient-dense roots, making for an even more plentiful growth cycle next time.
  • Hemp Is Even Cleaner than Trees – Since elementary science, we have been taught that trees purify the air, but hemp plants actually do this much more efficiently than trees. 1.63 tons of carbon is removed from the air for every ton of hemp produced.
  • Hemp Is Fast-Growing – Hemp completes a full growth and harvest cycle within four months, making the turnaround of this plant for farmers extremely quick. With this turnaround, farmers can produce more products sustainably.

hemp is a great choice for environmentally conscious individuals
With these facts in mind, it is easy to see the expansive opportunities hemp has to support the environment. Hemp can also help you as a customer reduce your carbon footprint and live a more sustainable life.

Benefits of Hemp Shoes

Despite climate change being a worldwide concern for everyone, people are still practical when it comes to a return on any investment. In other words, it’s easier to invest in an environmentally friendly product if the product is providing you with the same – or improved – benefits as its traditional counterpart. For our purposes, more people will justify purchasing hemp shoes if they have similar attributes as traditional materials like leather.

Fortunately, aside from the numerous environmental benefits of hemp shoes, there are also a surprising number of additional benefits for the wearers.


Hemp shoes are a great option for individuals looking to be more sustainable because hemp is an extremely durable natural fiber. Hemp shoes are built to last and will likely need to be replaced less often than your other shoes. In fact, the more you wear your hemp shoes, the more they will mold to your feet, helping you avoid uneven wear.


If you have ever traveled during the summertime, you have probably endured the difficult decision of which shoes to pack for your trip. Wearing sandals on long walks or hikes can lead to serious injuries, but tennis shoes and other more supportive footwear can often be too hot for extreme temperatures, causing blisters, swelling, and a very sweaty, uncomfortable experience. Similarly, traveling in wintertime often requires you to pack big, bulky boots that you do not often have room for. You may opt to settle for having cold feet your entire trip.

Improper shoes can end up ruining your dream vacation, but that shouldn’t have to be the case. Hemp shoes are great for both cold and hot weather because of their thermoregulating properties. Thermoregulation helps to keep your body temperature steady in cold or hot weather, and hemp shoes are an ideal pair of durable shoes no matter where your next getaway takes you.


Impromptu showers can often leave your shoes damp for days. Many traditional materials like leather shoes cannot be put in a dryer and may even get ruined if you’re caught out in the rain. Fortunately, hemp shoes are waterproof. That means that if you do ever get your shoes wet, your feet will remain dry, and you will not have to worry about drying out your shoes when you get home.

hemp shoes are waterproof



As more people begin to follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, they are prioritizing vegan personal products such as clothes, shoes, and body care. However, we must seek out innovative solutions to steer clear of the use of animal byproducts. For centuries, leather has been one of the leading materials used for the manufacturing of shoes, but as more people become hesitant to purchase leather, they are purchasing vegan-friendly options.

Hemp shoes are ideal for vegans because they are 100% made from hemp plants and produced ethically without harming any living creatures. These attributes make them perfect for vegetarians, vegans, or anyone who is looking to find products that were made without inflicting harm. Buyers can feel good knowing that their hemp shoes are ethically made and contain no animal byproducts.


Sweaty feet are just a part of life, but just because they are normal doesn’t mean that the odor left behind is pleasant. Sweaty feet can cause shoes to grow bacteria and retain odors. Unfortunately, once a pair of shoes stinks, it may be past the point of no return – especially if crafted from a non-washable material like leather.

Due to hemp’s anti-microbial properties, shoes made from hemp do not hold onto odors. They are also very breathable, which helps prevent your feet from sweating in high temperatures. Therefore, when you are wearing your hemp shoes, you will never have to feel anxious about sweaty feet and stinky shoes. You can wear your hemp shoes odor-free on any day of the year.

Comfort Plus

While wearing your hemp shoes, you may notice that they are the most comfortable shoes you have ever owned. The shoes are not only made from a flexible material that molds your feet as you wear them, but hemp also naturally contains cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD may help relieve localized pain.

If you are looking for extra comfort, you can add a CBD-infused insole to your hemp shoes that could further address any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing.

How to Find the Best Hemp Shoes

There are tons of different options for hemp shoes on the market, but you’ll want to ensure you purchase the absolute best option for you. Before you order, it’s important to do a bit of research.

Before buying a pair of hemp shoes, check to ensure they meet these standards:

  • Made From Hemp – When considering a pair of hemp shoes, make sure they are actually made from hemp. Sometimes hemp is not the main material used, and you won’t get the same benefits as you would from hemp shoes.
  • Maximized Comfort – Hemp shoes are supposed to be breathable, so if you try on a pair of shoes that feels too tight or does have proper room in the toes, you probably need a bigger size or a different style. Lightweight hemp shoes are the best for walking and provide optimum comfort.
  • Tested Soles – If you are using your hemp shoes for walking, a good sole is very important. Before buying your shoes, check to see if the sole provides shock absorption. Often, the best soles for walking are made of synthetic or rubber material.
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Hemp Shoe Reviews

If you still aren’t convinced that hemp shoes can help you find optimum comfort while reducing your carbon footprint, check out some reviews from buyers.

Sanuk Hemp Shoe


This is a relaxed and comfortable men’s loafer, perfect for a beach day. Keep in mind that Sanuk refers to all its shoes as “sandals.”

“It’s a Sanuk. Fits exactly like it is supposed to and looks great. 3rd pair for me. No problems.”

Sanuk Sideline 2 Hemp


Consider trying the Sanuk show that is supremely planet-friendly. This shoe is 100% vegan shoe with a rubber sole and meets all GRS standards.

“These are my favorite slip on ever. They are light, durable, and very washable.”

Sanuk Donna Hemp


This version of the classic Sanuk is an extremely breathable, slip-on hemp shoe with a synthetic sole.

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shoes – SO COMFORTABLE!!! Every member of my family has a pair of Sanuk shoes and we love them!”

Hey Dude Wendy Women's Loafers


Hey Dude makes a lightweight shoe that is completely foldable, making for easy packing. It’s important to note that only the women’s Wendy and Lena loafers have hemp construction.

“My daughter enlightened me on this fabulous pair of shoes. I have washed them four times and they are still holding up well. I actually got rid of all of my shoes and went to Hey Dudes.”

How to Care for Hemp Shoes

Just like any other shoe, hemp shoes can get dirty from time to time. Once you notice they start to build up dirt, use a little bit of detergent and wipe them down with a wet rag. From there, just let them air dry. If you need to wash the entire shoe, do not throw them in the washing machine because they can shrink. Instead, use a bucket of water to gently hand wash them.

If your shoes have suffered a spill, take care to wash them as soon as possible. Hemp shoes can hold onto stains if not properly cared for in a timely manner. To wash out the stain, just use a mild detergent and water. For heavier-duty stains, try using a toothbrush to scrub away the residue.

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